Published Articles, Bylines, and Mentions

I have been fortunate to write travel related articles for a variety of websites and publications. Feel free to browse my published work here. If you’d like to collaborate, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Article: “5 of the Most Walkable Cities in the World

Published by Get Miles

Article: “Top 5 Chateaux to Visit in France

Published by Road Scholar

Interview: “7 Incredible Walking Tours in England, Europe, & US

Published in Digital & Print by Bottom Line Inc.

Article: “5 Exciting Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations

Published by Blue & Green Tomorrow

Article: “5 Reasons Active Adventure Travelers Should Visit the Czech Republic

Published by official Czech Tourism website

Article: “Top 10 Things Every First Time Visitor Should Do in New Zealand” 

Published by WeTravelNZ

Article: “5 International Trips to Take on Thanksgiving

Published by Badger Maps

Article: “5 Reasons to Incorporate a Group Tour into Your Career Break” 

Published by Meet, Plan, Go

Article: “Essential Stops on a British Literary History Tour

Published by Anglophiles United

Article: “6 Legendary Guides Who Redefined Travel

Published by ITMI

Article: “The Best Tours Around Shanghai

Published by Travel China Cheaper

Mention in Syndicated Article: “‘Downton’ withdrawal? Check out these destinations”- originally published in the New York Times

Seattle Times

Salt Lake Tribune