The Story of Me & Star Trek – Part 2

The Story of Me and Star Trek: Continued

How Science Fiction Changed My Life

I didn’t have much exposure to science fiction in my early years. Movies, art, literature, and music were always lively dinner table topics, but not of the sci fi variety. The wide wide world of what is today mainstream media (comic based, and nerd culture), were not even a blip on my radar.

So my experience with science fiction was incredibly minimal when I first saw Star Wars, at the age of 11 or so. And I think that could be partly why the story and characters of Star Wars struck me in such a deep way. Well that and I developed a MAJOR crush on Harrison Ford. #BecauseDuh

I had Star Wars folders in Middle School. When I began High School I wanted to use them again, but my mom insisted that I find something more mature. Psh.

Fast forward to freshman year of High School, first period Algebra. I happened to sit next to the girl who is now, 13 years later, still my best friend. We started talking because she had the same Star Wars folders that I’d had.

Just like that Star Wars changed my life.

You see, I’ve always felt a bit out of synch. Never sure exactly where I fit.

As I began to discover science fiction and comics, an entirely new world of acceptance opened up to me.

While our first point of bonding was Star Wars, I don’t think it’s accidental that we became extremely fast friends through a mutual love of the original X-Men movies. Well, I say mutual…more like I had never heard of X-men before and she introduced me to them.

But through it all, I kept avoiding Star Trek. In such a way that I wasn’t sure I could fully embrace nerdom; or be embraced by it. Over the years of course I developed an understanding of the world of Star Trek and the major players therein, but I had a mental block about watching it.

Anecdote Break!

One time I was on a date with a guy who was really into Star Trek. We shared many interests, but when the subject came up my response was something along the lines of “my knowledge of Star Trek is…there’s a spaceship…and” I couldn’t even get another word out. He was distraught.

Flash Forward – College

While I was in college, I finally saw my first Star Trek movie. Suddenly it made sense as an iconic cultural phenomenon. Besides that, I absolutely loved the characters and the story!

It was seeing the Star Trek movies of the 2000’s that have finally convinced me to face my fears. And to watch all the Star Trek series for the first time in my life. Which brings us to Star Trek Sunday!

As of today, I have completed Star Trek: Voyager, and we are on to Next Generation. Check out my reaction to the first season!


There will be more updates to come!

~ Keep Exploring, Historians


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