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Written 10-12-09, Boulder CO. Inspired by music. Listening to one of my absolute favorite movie soundtracks of all time: "Once", by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova Work in progress It was like the smell of green. Supurb and sublime and unattainable. The darkness smells like a candle burning toward the bottom of its wick. Wax… Continue reading Sounds


The Anglophile Chronicles – Part 1, Introduction

Hello Explores! Pip Pip! 'Ello art lovers!* *Who can guess today's obscure film reference? Today I am excited to announce a new series on Exploring Historian: The Anglophile Chronicles. This is in preparation for a 3 week solo jaunt I have planned through the UK this coming September. (But also it's because I'm obsessed with… Continue reading The Anglophile Chronicles – Part 1, Introduction